Slingo Capital Gains


Slingo Basics

How to Play

Select your stake and press SPIN to begin.

You have 5 spins to match numbers on the reel with numbers on the grid.

Every spin displays 3 symbols per reel.


Complete Slingos to move up the Payladder.

Slingo Lines


Multiple Slingo lines can be awarded by one dab.

There are 12 win lines and 11 awards because the last number on the grid will always award at least 2 winning lines.



Wilds allow you to mark any number in the column above.



Super Wilds allow you to mark any number in the grid.



Free Spin symbols add an extra spin.



Blocker symbols do nothing

Money Charge Symbols (Scatter)


Individual values are displayed on Money Charge Symbols.

6 or more Money Charge Symbols on the reels trigger the Money Charge Bonus.

The minimum displayed value on Money Charge Symbols is 1X the base game stake.

The maximum displayed value on Money Charge Symbols is 10,000X the base game stake.

Values displayed on Money Charge Symbols are awarded only in the Money Charge Bonus.

Extra Spins

Extra Spins can be purchased after each game.

The price of each spin is dependent on the grid position and potential prizes.

Prices may be in excess of your base stake.

You can control extra spin limits in play controls.

The price of the next spin is shown on the SPIN FOR button.

Free Spin symbols are removed from the reels during Extra Spins.

You Could Win

The potential wins available are displayed in turn.

The numbers required are highlighted.

Press collect to end the game.

Capital Gains Bonuses

Cash Vault Feature


Complete 5 Slingos to unlock the Silver Vault.

Complete 6 Slingos to unlock the Gold Vault.

Pick a vault to win a cash prize or access to the Money Charge Bonus.

The Money Charge Bonus is awarded with 1 initial spin on a 5x3 reel.


Money Charge Bonus


The Money Charge Bonus is awarded by either:

● Collecting 6+ Money Charge Symbols in the base game reel spins

● Winning from the Cash Vault at 5 or 6 Slingos

● Completing 7+ Slingos

When awarded from the base game reel spins, the Money Charge Bonus plays out with 3 initial spins on 5x3 reels.

The Money Charge Symbols that initiate the bonus are locked in position on the reel.

When awarded from the Cash Vault, the Money Charge Bonus plays out with 1 initial spin on 5x3 reels.

When awarded from the Payladder the size of the reels, number of spins and multipliers available in the Bonus increase as Slingos are completed.

1, 2 or 3 initial spins are awarded, depending on the number of completed Slingos.

All reel positions start with no symbols visible.

Any Money Charge Symbols that land lock in position, and the number of spins is reset to the initial amount.

If no Money Charge Symbols land, the number of spins reduces by one.

The Money Charge Bonus ends when all reel positions have been filled or no more spins remain.

All landed awards are collected.

Values on Money Charge Symbols are multiplied by the Bonus Multiplier.

Jackpots on Money Charge Symbols are not multiplied by the Bonus Multiplier.


Money Charge Jackpots


Jackpot symbols award the associated prize during the Money Charge Bonus.

The GRAND jackpot awards 10,000X the selected stake.

The MAJOR jackpot awards 500X the selected stake.

The MINOR jackpot awards 50X the selected stake.

The MINI jackpot awards 10X the selected stake.

The value of the jackpots are displayed throughout the game.

Jackpots are not multiplied by the Bonus multipliers.

Slingo Information

Best Strategy

The best strategy dictates that the selection for positions of Wilds and Super Wilds is always in the position that will move the player closer to completing a Slingo.

Where multiple positions with the same criteria are available, the preference is given to positions which are included in the most Slingos (win lines). Where this is not applicable, a random choice is made.

For example the central square would be given preference since it is included in a horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines.


All symbols occur on all reels.

Free Spin symbols award an additional spin.

Extra spins are available after each game.

Based on best strategy the standard game has a theoretical RTP of 94.68%.

Based on best strategy each extra spin has a minimum theoretical RTP of 94.67%.

Prices are rounded to the nearest whole value which may alter the RTP.

Malfunction voids pays and plays.

In extra spins some potential prizes may require Super Wilds.

Pending Games

Incomplete games will be automatically completed 3 hours after launch.

Any remaining spins will be played out with a random number generator used to make any player decisions.

Any winnings will be automatically credited.

Player Controls

Play Controls can be selected from the options menu.

Set the maximum number of extra spins to be offered.

Set the maximum price to be offered as an extra spin.

Set the maximum total stake for any single game.

Set the maximum total loss for any single game.

The game will automatically end if any of the set limits are reached.

Last modification date: 5/16/2024