Mini Looten Khamun


Game Objective:

Loot’EnKhamun is a five-reel, no paylines and ‘All Ways’ slot game with 243 possible ways to win in the main game and 1024 Ways to win in freespins. Symbols pay from left to right in consecutive combinations (Ways) including reel 1. The scattered hieroglyphic symbols do not pay. There are five different “hieroglyphics” scatter symbols; one for each reel. As a scatter symbol lands the small replica hieroglyphic to the left of the reels highlight. When any three of the hieroglyphic scatter symbols appear anywhere in view the The Loot’en-Khamun Free Spins game is triggered. The free spins feature cannot be retriggered within free spins.

Loot’EnKhamun Logo wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except scattered hieroglyphic symbols and appears on reels 1,2,3 and 4 only on base game.

The BigOne Jackpot:

The BigOne Jackpot consists of five jackpots at different levels; the levels are - from the lowest to the highest - Blitz Cash Jackpot, Quick Cash Jackpot, Super Cash Jackpot, Mega Cash Jackpot, and Colossal Cash Jackpot. All five jackpots grow progressively as bets are made. For each spin, the house adds a small credit to each of the five running jackpots. All five levels in The BigOne Jackpot can be won irrespective of hitting any winning combination, while betting any amount. Jackpot is triggered randomly. The larger the bet, the more the chance to win a jackpot. Free spins cannot trigger jackpots.If there is a jackpot which has triggered during the base game which also triggers Free Spins, then the jackpot feature is played and shown after the Free spins feature play.


How to play

  • Setting 'BETS': When you enter the game, a default total bet of $5 is set. You can choose to increase or decrease the total bet by using the ◄ and ► buttons available to the left & right of the 'TOTAL BET' indicator on the game screen respectively. If your game balance drops below your total bet placed, bet will not get adjusted to the next possible bet instead Re-buy window will appear. If you have no funds in your account, the deposit option will pop up. 
  • The total bet amount is displayed in the 'TOTAL BET' meter, which is located at the bottom right of the game screen between spin and max bet buttons. 
  • PAYTABLE': The 'PAYTABLE' screen can be viewed by clicking on the 'PAYTABLE' button located to the right of 'TOTAL CREDITS' meter. You can go back to the game by clicking on the 'Back to Main' button. 
  • WIN AMOUNT CALCULATION: Winning symbol combinations may occur from left to right in all possible Ways on consecutive reels except scatter. Only the highest paying combination on each Way is paid which appears left to right on consecutive reels including reel 1 as per the game. 
    E.g. if symbol Ace appears on reels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (positioned at 0,1,2,3 and 4) respectively then the pay-out will happen for 5 Ace symbols only. 

The reel structure numbering for winning combinations in main game and freespin game is as below:

Main game:

0 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14

Free spin game:

0 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19
  • If two of the same symbols appear in reel 1, 2 and 3 of that symbol appears on reel 3 then ways win does not pay for 5 of those symbol combinations together. But it will pay for 3 separate Way wins using those 3 of the same symbols appearing on reel 3.
    E.g. If one symbol Nine lands on reel 1 and 2 and three symbols of 9 land on reel 3, then there will be three different Way wins for symbol 9. Each way would be a win with three consecutive occurrences of symbol 9.
    The reel position for the above way wins will be as below:
  • Way wins are multiplied by total bet amount. The scattered hieroglyphic symbols do not pay any. There are 243 possible ways to win in the main game and in free spins there are 1024 ways as there are 4 symbols on each reel.
  • RULES: Game rules screen can be viewed by clicking on 'RULES' button which is located just below the 'PAYTABLE' button. You can go back to the game by clicking on the ' Back to Main' button.
  • SPIN: Click on SPIN to start spinning the reels.
    After the reels stop spinning, any winning combinations on the reels, will be paid according to the Paytable.
  • RESULT: Any wins due to consecutive symbols on the reels or trigger of a feature are shown by the symbols animating. Also Total win amount is shown in the ticker message area at bottom of the reels.
  • Repeat Bet/Change Bet: If you have already bet, the settings selected will be automatically carried over to the subsequent spin if there is sufficient amount. Simply click on 'SPIN' to play with the same bet again. To change your bet, use the ◄ and ► buttons near the 'TOTAL BETS' indicator as explained above.
  • TOTAL CREDITS: Your remaining game balance, after you have placed the desired bet, is shown in 'TOTAL CREDITS' meter i.e. the current game balance minus the total bet placed.
  • Your current game balance is the sum of the amounts displayed in the 'TOTAL CREDITS' meter and the 'TOTAL BET' meter.
  • Jackpot game: When TheBigOne Jackpot is hit, a message is displayed on the main game screen as "The Big One Jackpot Feature" and in the ticker area below the five reels, it shows "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WILL WIN A JACKPOT".
  • The main screen then changes to jackpot screen in which all the jackpots and their values are listed in the left side area and a wheel is displayed in the right side area.
  • There are 5 different jackpots, each of which has a unique color. All five colors are shown on the wheel.
    • 3 Orange color or any combination of 2 or more colors wins Blitz Cash Jackpot
    • 3 Red color wins Quick Cash Jackpot
    • 3 Blue color wins Super Cash Jackpot
    • 3 Green color wins Mega Cash Jackpot
    • 3 Lavender color wins Colossal Cash Jackpot
  • START button is shown in the middle of wheel. By clicking on START, a wheel of 3 circles appears with changing colors and stops at a particular color and respective jackpot is awarded.
  • When a jackpot is hit, a popup displays the type of Jackpot and the amount awarded. When the 'OK' button is clicked the main game screen appears unless multiple jackpots are hit at the same time.
  • If multiple jackpots are hit at the same time, on clicking 'OK' on the popup, 'START' button on Jackpot screen is enabled to continue further game play.
  • You can see the current values of all five jackpots in the right side of main game screen and also by clicking on the Total Casino Jackpots displayed at the bottom left corner of the Download Casino main lobby.
  • Only wagers of $1.35 or more can win a jackpot on TheBigOne.
  • Click on 'GAME LOGS' to view the logs of the games you've played. Always the logs of the previous games can be viewed but not for the last game.
  • Click on 'GAME RULES' to view the detailed rules of the game as web page.
  • Click on 'REBUY' to buy more credits into the game from your Account.
  • Click on 'EXIT GAME' to leave the game and return to the Lobby.
  • Click on 'QUICK DEPOSIT' button to deposit money into your Account.
  • The game rules are identical in both real money and play money modes.
  • The “GAME LOGS” and “REBUY” functionality is applicable only for the real money game play.


  • No Paylines – All Ways slot – 243 Ways in main game, 1024 Ways in free spins 
  • 5 reel slot - 5 x 3 slot view in main game, 5 x 4 slot view in free spins 
  • Pay-outs are made according to the Paytable. 
  • Total bet amount can be changed by using the ◄ and ► buttons. 
  • SPIN begins the game with the currently selected BET. 
  • MAX BET selects maximum bet for the game. 
  • Pay-outs are displayed on the PAYTABLE. 
  • Way wins are multiplied by total bet amount. 
  • Only the highest win on each possible Way will be paid. 
  • If we have 3 or more matching symbols (including wild substitutes) we will receive a pay-out as defined in the pay table. 
  • Coinciding Way wins on different reel positions are all added to the total. 
  • All possible winning combinations are added to your total. 
  • There are no pay-outs for three or more scattered hieroglyphic symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. 
  • There are five different “hieroglyphics” Scatter symbols; one for each reel. 
  • Scatter symbols do not appear during Free Spins 
  • All symbols pay left to right starting with the left most reel except scatters.
  • There are no pay-outs for scattered hieroglyphic symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. 
  • Loot’en-Khamun Logo wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except scattered hieroglyphic symbols. 
  • Loot’en-Khamun Logo appears only on reels 1, 2, 3, and 4. 
  • Loot’en-Khamun Logo works only in conjunction with other symbols except the scattered hieroglyphic symbols. 
  • Malfunctions Voids all Pays and Plays.


FREE SPINS feature:

  • The Free Spins feature is triggered when any of the 3 or more scattered hieroglyphic symbols appears anywhere in view. 
  • Feature screen is shown. Three slabs will be displayed in front of the professor. The first three slabs will be highlighted to show which ones can be selected when the mouse is moved over them. 
  • When a slab is chosen the Professor jumps onto it 
  • If the player has chosen the correct slab then it turns to gold and the free spins and multiplier won will be displayed within the cuboid. This amount is then added to the running total in the upper right hand corner. 
  • A wrong stone is picked and bonus game ends. 
  • The player is then given the choice of the next three slabs in front of the Professor and the game continues. If the Professor makes it to the last row of three slabs and if he DID NOT PICK A WRONG STONE, then the “You have won” screen appears showing how many free spins and multipliers the player has won. 
  • If the player makes a “wrong” choice then the slab the Professor jumps onto cracks under him and he falls from view. A win amount is displayed and added to the running total. The “You fell to your doom” screen appears showing how many free spins and multipliers the player has won. 
  • The player is then taken to the free spins round. Free spins is displayed in the 4 X 5 slot view. 
  • All line wins during free spins are multiplied by the free spins multiplier awarded. 
  • All scatter wins during free spins do not pay any. 
  • The Free Spins feature cannot be retriggered during free spins. Once all the free spins are completed, normal game is restored. 
  • Free spins are played at the same bet of the triggering game. 
  • The number of free spins and free spins multiplier denoted are random. 
  • Number of free spins awarded with each trigger range from 6 to 30 and the multiplier awarded with each trigger ranges from 2 to 8 
  • Free Spin wins are added to Way wins. 

Jackpot Rules:

  • Only real money mode contributes to the jackpot amount.
  • Free spin games cannot win the jackpot.
  • Only wagers of $1.35 or more can win a jackpot on TheBigOne.
  • When you hit a jackpot, we will let you know how much you have won in a popup message.
  • The cash will be credited to your account immediately.



  • Click on PAYTABLE button in the main game screen, game will pan down to paytable screen.
  • The paytable consists of two different pages on one long vertical stone slab.
  • These slides from left to right and right to left when the arrows are clicked.


  • Click on “RULES” button in the main game screen, game will pan down to Rules screen
  • The Rules page consists of two separate stone panels that slide together to form the page.
  • The Jackpot Rules and Bonus Rules pages are the same setup (i.e. two different stone panels). 
  • When another Rules page is selected from the interface that page closes in on top of the other one.


To add funds to your Account, click on 'DEPOSIT' in the 'Cashier' menu, then select the desired deposit option (Play Anywhere clients) or click on 'DEPOSIT' in the 'Cashier' option on left panel in Main Lobby, then select the desired deposit option (Download clients). You can also add funds to your account by clicking on 'REBUY' on the game screen and then clicking on 'DEPOSIT NOW'. The time taken to transfer funds and the fees charged will vary depending on which deposit option you choose.


If your game balance drops below the minimum bet, Buy-In window will be automatically presented. To add funds to your Account, click on the 'DEPOSIT' option in the 'Cashier' menu in the Main Lobby (Play Anywhere clients) or click on 'DEPOSIT' in the 'Cashier' option on left panel in Main Lobby, then select the desired deposit option (Download clients), or click the 'DEPOSIT NOW' button in the 'Buy-In' window of any game.


If you get disconnected in the middle of the base game, or in the middle of the jackpot feature game, the software will automatically complete the game for you. You will be able to find out the result by clicking on the 'Game Logs' button once you have logged back in.

If you are disconnected after triggering or in the middle of the Loot’EnKhamun Free Spins Game, on reconnection, the software will automatically start the Loot’EnKhamun Free Spins Game, if not already started, or resume from where it was disconnected. After completing the free spins, you can resume playing the same game, or you can select another game of your choice.

If you are still having problems, please contact our 24/7 Customer Care team.

Last modification date: 9/27/2022