Enchanted Kingdom Mega Drop



Bonus Symbols

wild scatter


  • WILD substitutes for all symbols including SCATTER.

  • 3 or more scatters award 20 Free Spins.

  • 3 or more scatters during Free Spins awards an additional 20 Free Spins.

  • The Free Spins Bonus is played automatically. Total bet and lines are the same as the game that triggered the Free Spins Bonus. Free Spins are played with the same winning combinations as the base game.

Wager Saver

  • The Wager Saver feature will be offered when the player's balance becomes lower than the previous total bet. At the cost of their remaining balance, the player will be offered the chance to spin a wheel once for 1, 3, or 5x the value of that previous bet.

  • This feature will not be offered if the remaining balance is less than 10% of the previous total bet.

  • The chance of winning is shown by the green section of the dial for each option. If the spinner lands on green, the player wins the wager.

  • The RTP for this feature is equal to the RTP of the base game.

  • The outcome of each play of the Wager Saver is random and unaffected by previous results.

Mega Drop

  • Mega Drop consists of three Progressive Jackpots, these are the Minor, Major and Epic jackpots.

  • For each spin, a proportion of the player’s total bet is contributed towards the Progressive jackpots.

  • The Mega Drop jackpots each have payout values before which they must drop. By the time the Progressive jackpot reaches its maximum payout amount it will have been awarded to a player.

  • Progressive jackpots can also be awarded on any wager.

  • When a Progressive jackpot is awarded, the jackpot amount is reset to a reseed value of approximately 25% of the value paid out.

  • It is not possible to be awarded more than one jackpot with a single wager. If more than one jackpot is won with the same stake, the jackpot with the higher maximum drop value will be awarded.

  • There exists theoretical scenarios where the jackpot drop amount may slightly exceed its expected drop value.

  • Progressive jackpot balances are displayed in the game, and are updated only when awaiting user input. The jackpot balances update at least once per 2 seconds during this state.

  • Although progressive jackpots can be won on any stake, the higher the stake, the greater chance.


Last modification date: 9/27/2022