Sizzling Symbols

Game Objective:


Sizzling Symbols is a 5X3 reel with 5 fixed payline slot game. You win based on the combination of the various symbols displayed on the selected winning payline(s). Symbols pay from left to right. When three or more Star symbols appear anywhere in view will pay according to the pay table.


How to play:


  • Setting 'BETS': When you enter the game, a default bet is set. You can change the bet value by clicking the + or - buttons either side of the BET meter.
  • Repeat bet/change bet: The default bet for the next spin will be the same as the amount you wagered on the previous spin. Just click on 'SPIN' to place the same bet again. To change your bet, increase or decrease the bet shown on the game screen.
  • MAX BET: Click on ‘MAX BET’ to select the maximum possible bet. If your balance is not sufficient, this option will be disabled.
  • Paytable: The Paytable can be viewed by clicking on the ‘i’ button located in a panel beside the bet panel. You can go back to the game by clicking ‘X’ button on the Paytable screen. Paytable in mobile can be viewed by tapping on hamburger menu and selecting the paytable option.
  • Spin: The SPIN button in the middle starts the game. The SPIN button is at the bottom of the game screen in portrait mode and at the right side of the game screen in landscape mode in mobile.
  • Volume: The volume icon will play the game music. Click on the Volume icon to mute the volume.
  • CREDITS: After you have placed the desired bet, your remaining game balance after you have placed the desired bet is shown in ‘BALANCE’ meter i.e., the current game balance minus the total bet placed. Your game balance is shown at the bottom of the game screen.
  • 'AUTOSPIN': Select the AUTOSPIN for hands-free play.
  • To make use of the Auto spin feature, click on the 'AUTOSPIN' button in the bottom of the game screen. When the Auto spin window opens, check the boxes next to the option(s) you'd like to play with. Select from the drop-down menu where applicable. Click on 'START' to activate the selected options and start the spins. Similarly, click on Stop Auto spin button to stop the AUTO SPIN feature and return to the game screen.  
  • The available options under this feature are:
  • Number of spins: The game will spin for the number of rotations selected from the slider menu. You can choose a maximum of 1000 spins and play until your balance is more than the total bet placed.
  • Spin till Win equals or exceeds: The game will automatically spin until the win amount is equals or exceeds the amount entered.
  • 'AUTO SPIN' option will be disabled in the demo-money mode.


Game Settings:


  • To make use of Game Settings, click on the ‘settings button’ at the bottom of the game screen in between Paytable and Sound icons.
  • Volume: Players can set the volume of the sound effects by sliding using the volume button.
  • Sound effects: Toggle between on / Off to enable or disable the game win animation sounds.
  • Quick spin: By checking this option, game play is faster than the regular spin.
  • Space bar to spin: By checking this option, the space bar can be used to trigger a spin. This option stays disabled if the intro video is not available for a game.





  • Tap the Hamburger Menu Icon to view options such as the Paytable, bet settings, auto spin, settings, “i” button & Cashier in mobile. 
  • Tap the Home option to navigate back to lobby screen.
  • Tap the Paytable option to view Paytable screen.
  • Tap back button to go back to the game play.
  • Tap the Volume icon to play the game music and vice versa.
  • Tap the ‘$’ option to navigate to deposit screen.



Game Rules:


  • Sizzling symbols is a 5x3 reel slot game with 5 fixed lines.
  • Click on SPIN button to begin the game with the currently selected BET.
  • BET amount can be changed by using the '-' and '+' buttons on either sides of BET VALUE.
  • The total bet is 5 times of the selected bet value.
  • Payouts are made according to the paytable.
  • Paytable will always show the win amount for the currently selected bet and 5 fixed number of lines.
  • MAX BET selects 5 fixed lines with maximum bet value.
  • Only the highest win on each payline is paid.
  • Coinciding wins on different paylines are added to balance.
  • All Symbols pay left to right, starting from left-most reel in consecutive order on a payline, except for star symbol which pays anywhere in view.
  • Star symbol acts as scatter and 3 or more Star symbols appear anywhere in view will pay according to the paytable.
  • The Min bet is $0.10 and Max bet is $50.00.
  • The theoretical return to the player is 95.66%.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • Gameplay history can be accessed by logging into your account on the desktop website and choosing menu 'History' inside any game.
  • All pays are shown in USD currency.


Browser Button Panel Commands:


  • Click on Rules to view the detailed rules of the game as web page.
  • Click on History to view the logs of the games you've played.
  • Click on Real/Demo switch between real-money or demo-money mode.
  • Click on the Deposit button to deposit money into your account.
  • The History functionality is applicable only for the real-money game play.





1.I could not complete the game. What should I do?

  • If player get disconnected in the middle of the game, the software will automatically complete play for you. Player will be able to find out the result by clicking on the ‘History’ button once players logged back in.

2.What should I do if the balance is low to place bet?

  • Click on ‘Deposit’ button at bottom of the game screen and deposit.

3. If you are still having problems, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service team.