Subbuteo Star Striker


SUBBUTEO STAR STRIKER is a tumbler game, featuring a 5x5 play grid and bonus feature.

Game play features include CASCADING WINS and a SHOOTOUT BONUS.

Select your STAKE and press the PLAY button, where the play grid will empty and refill with symbols.

Match 6 or more of the same symbol anywhere in the play grid to win the prize in the PRIZE CHART.

More than one prize can be won in each game round.


The SHOOTOUT BONUS is activated when four CASCADING WINS are achieved in a game round.

Each CASCADING WIN will pass the football from your Goalkeeper to your Defender, Midfielder and Striker to form an attack.

On the fourth CASCADING WIN, the SHOOTOUT BONUS is activated.

If four CASCADING WINS are not achieved, the game round will end and the football will return to your Goalkeeper.

One shot at goal is taken in the SHOOTOUT BONUS.

The opposition Goalkeeper will be positioned in the centre of the goal, with 7 targets displayed in the goal.

Select one of the targets to take your shot at goal.

If a goal is scored, the revealed prize behind the selected target will be awarded.

If the shot is saved or missed, no prize is awarded.


A game round will end when there are no more winning combinations available.

Any winnings will be displayed at the end of game play in the WIN panel.

To play again, select the PLAY button.

To change the STAKE, select the plus or minus buttons.

Once the PLAY button has been selected, the STAKE will be deducted from the current balance and a new game will begin.


Any combination of wins in a single game is limited and will not exceed [MAX_WIN]. It may not be possible to reach this limit in a single game from every play amount configuration.

System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.

This game is a game of chance.

The outcome of a play in the game is pre-determined.

Actions or choices made by player do not affect the outcome of the game.

The average return to player (RTP) is 95.04%

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Last modification date: 2/7/2023