The Winners Arms

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Step into a world of Celtic tradition with "The Winners Arms". Spin the reels adorned with Ireland's cherished symbols: the verdant shamrock, the melodious harp, and the sacred Celtic cross, each bringing the luck of the Irish to your fingertips. The Re-spin Feature gives you the chance to further winnings more. The Free Spins Feature catapults you into a field of potential wealth. And when the merriment settles, the Feature Respin™ gives you the chance to play again. "The Winners Arms" isn't just a game – it's a tale of Celtic tradition.

General Information

There are 10 win lines in The Winners Arms.

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines 10 lines
Number of Reels and Rows 5x3
The Best Strategy Return to Player 93.17%

Game Features

Re-Spin Feature

Re-spin feature is triggered when one of the specific picture symbols appears in all symbol positions on 3 or more adjacent reels.

The triggering symbols transform into a jumbo symbol.

Jumbo symbols are corresponding large versions of the specific individual picture symbols.

Picture symbols are main characters, full band, dancing people, fiddle and pint of beer.

Jumbo symbols are 3 symbol positions high and appear across adjacent reels.

After the jumbo symbol transformation, wins are evaluated and a re-spin is awarded.

Different reels are used during the re-spin. Reels appearing with jumbo symbols contain only jumbo symbols.

Re-spin feature is retriggered when 1 or more reels of same picture symbols adjacent to a corresponding jumbo symbol after a respin.

The triggering symbols transform into a large jumbo symbol, wins are evaluated and an additional re-spin is awarded.

Up to 3 re-spins can be awarded during re-spin feature.

Free Spins

8 Free Spins and bonus winnings are awarded when 6 or more Free Spins symbols land on the reels.

Bonus winnings depend on amount of landed Free Spins symbols:

6 Free Spins symbols award x5 stake bonus winnings.

7 Free Spins symbols award x10 stake bonus winnings.

8 Free Spins symbols award x15 stake bonus winnings.

9 Free Spins symbols award x20 stake bonus winnings.

10 Free Spins symbols award x25 stake bonus winnings.

11 Free Spins symbols award x30 stake bonus winnings.

12 Free Spins symbols award x40 stake bonus winnings.

13 Free Spins symbols award x50 stake bonus winnings.

14 Free Spins symbols award x70 stake bonus winnings.

15 Free Spins symbols award x100 stake bonus winnings.

Re-spin feature is active during Free spins. Re-spins do not count as part of Free Spins total.

Re-spin multiplier between x2-x5 is applied to any win from re-spin feature in Free Spins.

Free Spins can be retriggered if 6 or more Free Spins symbols land on the reels during the feature awarding 8 additional Free Spins. No more than 80 Free Spins total can be awarded.

Feature Respin™

Feature Respin™ is available after Free Spins which are triggered from Base game.

It gives a choice to take the winnings from Free Spins or to replay the feature. In case of choosing replay, winnings from Free Spins are burned.

Feature Respin™ is available after Free Spins and can be played only once.

The best strategy is to replay Free Spins when the win amount in Free Spins is less or equal than:

-For base game:

x50 stake when offered 8 Free Spins

Otherwise the best strategy is to take win.

Choosing the Best Strategy does not guarantee that it will award a higher return.

If no selection is made, then the best strategy decision will be made after timeout.

Spectacular Link™ feature

4 or more value symbols and/or pot symbols trigger Spectacular Link™ feature.

Value symbols are presented as coins.

Possible value symbols are: x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x15, x20, x25.

Possible pot symbols are: Mini (x50), Minor (x100), Major (x250).

During the Spectacular Link™ feature the game reels and rows extend to 7x5 respectively. Only value symbols and pot symbols are active during the Spectacular Link™ feature. The symbols triggered the Spectacular Link™ feature remain on the reels on the same positions and all the other vanish.

Randomly from 1 up to 3 reels cells are chosen for upgrades in Spectacular Link™ feature. The upgrade activates only when a symbol lands on the corresponding reels cell.

When a symbol lands on Spinner or Whistle cell, random number of empty reels positions are filled with the same cash/pot value that landed on the cell.

When a symbol lands on the Elimination cell, the x1 value symbol cannot land on the reels on the next spins.

Spectacular Link™ feature starts with 3 spins and each time a new value symbol and/or pot symbol lands, it locks in place till the end of the Spectacular Link™ feature and the spin count resets back to 3.

When total re-spin number reaches 20, all value symbols that have landed in view will be multiplied by x2.

When total re-spin number reaches 40, all value symbols that have landed in view will be multiplied by x2 again.

When there are no re-spins left or total re-spin number reaches 40, the sum of all landed value and pot symbols is awarded and Spectacular Link™ feature ends.

If all cells are filled with symbols, the Grand (x500) pot or the sum of all landed value and pot symbols is awarded and Spectacular Link™ feature ends. The higher award is collected: e.g. if the total sum of all the landed value/pot symbols is higher than Grand pot, the sum of symbols is awarded.


The order of playing features is following:

1. Spectacular Link™ feature

2. Re-Spin Feature

3. Free Spins Feature

4. Feature Respin™

Playing the Game


To play a round, configure your bet using the + / - buttons. 

Spin Options

Click the Spin button or press the Spacebar to spin.

The Spacebar disables/enables in the settings by the Spacebar to spin toggle.

To play rounds faster, the player can use the Turbo option. 

Turbo – the reels spin and stop faster with no extra animation. 

Turbo can be activated by holding the Spacebar or turning it on from the Burger Menu. 

Payouts Rules

Winning combinations are paid beginning with the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. 

Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game’s “Paytable”, which can be accessed through the Settings button. 

All awards pay on active win lines only. 

The highest win only paid per active win line.  

Malfunction voids all pays. 

Wilds symbols substitute for all wins. 

4 or less Wild symbols must combine with another symbol on a win line to create a winning combination.

If all reels positions are filled with Wild symbol, the fixed win amount (x100 stake) is awarded.

If a disconnection from the game or a malfunction of the game occurs and you restart the game, your balance is reset to the amount before the interruption occurred. 

Please be aware that each account allows only a single game to be played at any one time. Therefore, a game should not be played on more than one device, or multiple games on the same device simultaneously. Doing so may lead to various errors.

For the best gaming experience, use of the latest version of software is recommended.

Payout rules in Features

Free Spins triggered from the base game are played at the same bet amount as the round that activated the Free Spins.

Free Spins wins are added to line wins. 

Malfunction voids all plays and pays.


Enables playing the game automatically for a predetermined number of rounds at the currently selected stake. Autoplay menu is accessible through the “AUTO” button. Select the number of Autoplay rounds in Total spins field.

Autoplay Limits

Loss limit – the Autoplay will stop at the last spin before the Loss Limit is reached. The Autoplay loss limit should be higher than your total stake.  

Stop on win above – the Autoplay function will stop when the win amount of combined winnings is reached the set amount limit.

Stop on Bonus feature – the Autoplay function will stop when the game reaches any feature round, including but not limited to: Free Spins and Spectacular Link™.

When the limit’s conditions are met the Autoplay will stop, and the relevant pop-up message will appear in the middle of the screen.  

Last modification date: 3/5/2024